Rural Solar Energy Systems

Innosys Delft BV also has vast experience in realization of energy storage in Photo Voltaic (PV) systems. Either Li-Ion or Lead Acid batteries are used in combination with DC to AC inverters.

Installation of Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT), Batteries, control equipment and inverters is something InnoSys Delft BV people have been doing for over 20 years. the systems can work stand alone without presence of the grid, they can work partially with the grid in case of energy overflow or they can permanently work in cooperation with the grid (weak grid, grid is boosted by the installation as well).

The PV installations are also suited to connect an electric car to them. The electric car can be charged by the installation. But the power flow might also be reversed; in this case it is possible (at least with the InnoSys Delft BV electric vehicles) to charge the installation battery with the electric car battery!

Some characteristics:

- Storage voltages       = 24/48V

- Storage capacities      = 10kWhr-1MWhr

- Inverter Power          = up to 3-phase 230/400VAC, 30kW each per module

- PV Power                 = 1kW - 100kW