Motor Drives

InnoSys Delft BV has developed together with Direct Current BV the control algorithm to control a factory available MosFet and IGBT power module to control both Permanent Magnet (PM) and Asynchrounous (ASM) Machines. This was a part of program HTAS. The MosFet drive is still under test on our test rig and the IGBT drive is expected to be ready by the end of 2014. The MosFet module is suited for electric boating and middle class electric cars, whereas the IGBT module will be suited for electric distribution trucks, city busses and large marine drive systems.


- I_phase nom.  = 300A

- I_phase peak  = 600A

- UDC max        = 800V

- LxWxH           = 480x280x120 [mm]

- Coolant          = glycol

- Motor Power  = 200kW max



- I_phase nom.  = 350A

- I_phase peak  = 500A

- UDC max        = 160V

- LxWxH           = 280x180x120 [mm]

- Coolant          = glycol


Both motor drives can be combined with the high speed asynchronous motors from InnoSys Delft BV.