About InnoSys

Innosys Delft BV was established on November 1st 2004. The main objective of Innosys Delft BV is to promote sustainable drive systems and clean energy generation, usage, storage and management by means of professional system integration. The focus of the company is on challenging ideas in the field of sustainable engineering. In the near future, fossil fuels will become extremely scarce, which will increase cost of transportation and energy. Sustainable technologies are essential for a prosperous future. Innosys Delft BV is dedicated to be a front-runner in the development of these exciting technologies! Innosys Delft BV has good contacts with Delft University of Technology, sections of Power Electronics, Faculty Marine Systems Design and Aerospace for Sustainable Energy Technology. There is great interest within the company to engage in co-operation with other companies interested in creating sustainable solutions. "Out of the box" thinking is one of the company's strong-points! The application of our knowledge to create sustainable systems and applications is is one of the founding principles in the establishment of Innosys Delft BV.





Sustainable, renewable all electric society is a key mission in the company.