Delivery of home solar energy storage unit


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A 10kWhr energy storage unit installed in a private home
InnoSys Delft BV has started a complementary product line, next to the battery and drive systems: home solar energy storage units. With this unit, home owners can use more of their own solar electricity, without feeding it back into the grid. This way, balance payments with the grid operator are strongly reduced. Balance payments by the grid operator for fed in solar kWhrs will be strongly reduced in the future. This makes the use of a home battery more favourable. The first pilot project is a 10kWhr storage unit that releases the solar energy between 17:00 and 24:00 when the battery is fully charged during the day. The units can be scaled up to industrial sizes like several MWhrs storage capacity and many hundreds of kW inverter power. The units can be online monitored and controlled. The unit can also be used to charge your own electric car when you come home in the evening. With its total efficiency of over 90% it is worth to keep your own energy in your own house.