Modular Li-Ion Battery Modules

InnoSys Delft BV has built up a lot of experience with building Li-Ion batteries. After having integrated 4MWhrs of Li-Ion cells, we have decided o launch our standardized modules. With the modules almost any battery can be customized for almost any customer. Voltages can range from 25.9 to 700VDC. Capacities can range between 5kWhr to 1MWhr+! Standardized, originally lead acid battery fed electronics (i.e. 24V and 48V systems) can be fed by these modules without any problem. It needs some different settings in the inverters and/or chargers. InnoSys Delft can help you with that. Think of Mastervolt, Studer, Victron, etc.


Some important advantages:

-> Consider that the weight of these battery modules will be 7 times lower than a conventional lead acid battery. The same goes for the volume! The modules are more expensive per kWhr, but the strong reduction of space and weight ánd the capability of handling up to 10 times more power than the lead acid battery, counterweighs this extra investment in mobile drive systems.

-> They do not suffer self discharge, they can be stored for quite a while without tickle charge.

-> The cycle-efficiency at C-rating 1.0 or less is more than 94,6! Try this with a lead acid battery.

-> Now you can lift your 5kWhr battery pack from your E-boat to charge it at home.

-> Safety electronics and main contactor are integrated in the module; no extra safety needed.


The current modules we produce are:

1) 25.9V 200Ah LxWxH: 470x125x475 [mm] Weight: 35 [kg]

2) 37.0V 140Ah LxWxH: 470x125x475 [mm] Weight: 35 [kg]

2) 51.8V 100Ah LxWxH: 470x125x475 [mm] Weight: 35 [kg]